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Welcome to the 8th and last week learning from Rev. Eric Butterworth’s insightful and life-changing book Practical Metaphysics.  

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The chapter starts with these words:  “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free, a basic principle in what we’ve been calling practical metaphysics, a key to scientific prayer.”  What we experience will always depend on where we are in thought, consciousness, feeling, self-awareness.  If our focus is on the negative, the experience will focus on limitation and lack.  This is what we are attracting into our lives.  We don’t want to be responsible for this….  And very often, we look out here for why it’s happening…..we don’t want to look in here.

But Jesus said, “I came not to send peace, but a sword.”  Or.. “I didn’t come to love you into complacency, to tell you how wonderful everything is, but to help you understand the Truth, know the Truth and find release through it.”  We know that we change our life and experience by altering our thoughts, the law that’s always working.

Practical metaphysics can be seen as the science of problem-solving.  What we need to understand is that  the Truth is not simply techniques to solve problems.  The Truth is a fundamental key to abundant life.  Consciousness work is fundamental.  .Our greatest need is to recognize that we are in tune with the divine creative flow.  “Seek first the kingdom within.”  So to demonstrate, we seek the awareness of the divine activity, then all things will be added.  The demonstration of a job is not magically producing a job, but it’s unfolding our consciousness that causes the job to come easily. 

If we’re really going to make any progress demonstrating the Truth, we’ve got to work from the inside out.  What you and I desire is already within us, but there’s something we have to be and do to release it so the demonstration deals with us, not with things that are happening to us.

Here’s a story to demonstrate that:  The wilderness story when Jesus was tempted by the devil.  He’d been praying for 40 days, it says without food, weak with hunger when Satan came to him.  This is our story too – at times, we come face to face with a problem, when we’re weak, we’re scared, we’re in fear rather than love.   And His inner thoughts of fears and limitations,  represent the human consciousness we all know so well.  And Jesus came to grips with this by deeply knowing his oneness with the Divine and was able to say “Get thee behind me Satan.” 

One of the great secrets of the ages is in Colossians 1:37:  Christ in you, your hope of glory – the true light that guides everyone that comes into this world - a dynamic realization.  The key to Jesus’ demonstration power was the Christ in him, his hope of glory, his own awareness of the divine pattern within him.  The secret of demonstration for us is the Christ in us, then releasing our own uniqueness that fulfills our own Christ, our hope of glory.

Let’s remember that God doesn’t work for you and I.  God works through you and I – through our own participation.  Allow the Allness of life to demonstrate itself through you so then you’re not really trying to make a demonstration, but you’re letting the demonstration of life make you.*

There’s a subheading in the book:  Desire from our human consciousness versus spiritual oneness.  “We need to see this rightly.”  We can imagine ourselves surrounded by those things we see in a magazine, a new car, a trip, etc. “While it is possible to demonstrate in this sense, we do not recommend it”  Butterworth says..  Hmmm….  Let’s hear more about this.  It’s important to know that if we have a desire, if we go within and listen to what the desire really is, this releases from within the process needed to bring the desire about

 “Seek first the kingdom and all these things shall be added unto you.”  This is the way demonstration should work when we deal with it in spiritual consciousness.

Butterworth gives us The Master Formula for Demonstration:  C plus B equals A.  What you can Conceive in mind and Believe to be a reality, you can Achieve or manifest.  So….  What is it that you desire?  This is the starting point – it’s also where you are in your consciousness.  It might be a job, more money, a physical problem…

 You might be asking “God, I want to know what this desire means.”  Just turn away from it, let it go and turn within.  … sit with this, be patient,  and the desire, the answer will come to you.  This is the revealing or conceiving.  If our desire is to overcome pain, then know that humanly our desire is to overcome the pain.  Then let that go, relax, be still  and listen.  Then the divine counterpart will come that will reveal to you what the pain is really saying, and we’ll learn our lesson.  So I might ask:  What are the migraine’s really saying?

 “The secret of demonstration is the releasing of that divine pattern within you instead of holding to the desire as a goal.”

B” – the Believing power of the mind.  Faith does not make God do special things for us.  Faith is the special state of awareness that accepts what God is and what we have always been and always are.  Faith is an insight that sees beyond darkness to light, an insight that sees beyond illness to Allness.  Faith needs to be the “I am positive, I can” attitude.  This releases the power and skill that enables us to accomplish.  When we really believe we can do something, the how-to-do-it naturally unfolds.  Think “I can” and all the reasons why you can and how you can enfold.  And….  If we’re in the I can’t consciousness, there are valid reason why we can’t because we’re dealing with it on the human level.  You and I are a spiritual being.  The believing means saying “yes” from this place within. 

When you conceive your inner vision to be for the greater good for you and all people, the next step is to be about your business and do what comes naturally…  and it will come naturally.  As the Quakers say, “move your feet.” Because it’s the activity of God in us that has revealed the goal and given us the faith in the goal.  It all comes out of the divine process.  Let God be God in me…

The great secret of demonstration is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”  Christ in you is your own divine pattern and nature, the divine resource that is always within you and I.  The need is not to try and make it happen, but to let it happen.  Not to make the Truth work, but to let the Truth do its perfect work through you and your life, knowing it will express in ways beyond anything that our human ego could ever desire.

“Praise God for the Truth that makes us free.  Praise God for the consciousness that perceives the Truth as the very wealth of the kingdom that is within us.  And we let that kingdom come and allow that creative will be done in earth as it is in heaven.  AMEN!!